Kindergarten Curriculum




What Children Learn and Do in Kindergarten:

Developmental Area

Skills and Activities

Social and Emotional

  • Work well with others

  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and pride

  • Show concern for others

Language and Literacy

  • Understand the relationship between letters and sounds and words and pictures, recognize the space between words, begin to read grade-level words and text

  • Talk about or retell specific parts of a story

  • Express opinions and explain reasons in meaningful conversations with children and adults

  • Participate in discussions by offering solutions, asking questions to gain information and sharing knowledge


  • Draw and write to express ideas

  • Begin writing words, phrases, and sentences

  • Write messages, stories and personal pieces by using names, letters, and words

Math and Science

  • Read, write and compare numbers

  • Describe similarities and differences among shapes

  • Solve math problems

  • Explore the world by observing, examining, and collecting information (e.g., about plants and animals, familiar and unfamiliar objects, the seasons, weather, the five senses)

  • Identify and use math and science vocabulary words

Social Studies

  • Develop a sense of self and others by examining how people from other cultures are alike and different

  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of being a member of the school and community

The Arts

  • Draw from observation and learn to include more details

  • Express ideas through the arts (music, dance, visual)

  • Explore music and other art forms from a variety of time periods and places


  • Learn about the importance of exercise and healthy eating

  • Play team games and sports

  • Develop muscle groups through physical activity and games