Lower Elementary


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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to RAS’s Lower Elementary Department! We are proud of our dedicated, experienced staff and eager learners!  We are enthusiastic about starting off the 2017-2018 academic year with your children.


We are implementing a new vision this year to incorporate with our core values.  Our new objective is REACH! R is for Respect and strives to maintain respect at all time between students, teachers, support staff, and administration.  E is for English at all times; The only way to master a language is through practice at all times.  A is for Attitude; only a positive attitude will help students reach their maximum potential.  C is for Cleanliness; maintaining a clean environment is a key to having a productive learning environment.  H is for Hard-work;; all students and teachers are expected to work hard to achieve maximum results from each other.

As demands and complexities of teaching children increase, it becomes more evident that we all need to work together to insure that our children reach their maximum potential. We believe that all of us – the school and parents – must work together in an extended family environment to insure success for all our students. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for them to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally successful and responsible 21st century citizens.

With that in mind, you are invited to be an active participant at RAS. Whether you are a member of the PTA, special event participation, or member of one of our school committees, you are encouraged to be involved! Research on schools clearly demonstrates that parent participation in their child’s school coincides with a greater likelihood of academic success for their child.

It is our intention to keep you informed of all that is taking place at school. Up-to-date and additional information will be sent to you though e-Connect and will appear on our school web page. If you have questions or concerns that arise at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.   Teachers are available to meet with parents by appointment.  I look forward to having a long and rewarding relationship with you and your family.

Here’s to a great year!

-Mrs. Nahla Rawash
Assistant Principal for the Lower Elementary Department