Admission to RAS

Student Applications:
Parents who wish to enroll their child in RAS must complete an application form that is available in the admissions office. The student must also complete an Admission Test. It is administered according to the grade level that matches the placement of the child. This Entrance Test cannot be given until all necessary previous school records and a birth certificate are provided; additional information may also be required. The school’s administration will evaluate the applicant's previous school records and review the results of the admission test to determine whether admission is in the best interest of both the school and the child; a parent interview is required.

Procedures and requirements for prospective students include:
- The completion of an application form.
- Student's birth certificate.
- Four recent photographs of student.
- Attendance certificate and the last report issued by the student's previous school.
- A current medical report signed by an approved physician.
- Foreign student must submit a photocopy of his/her passport.
- Appointment for testing and interview.

Test Requirements:
- Preschool: admission on basis of availability.
- Kindergarten through second grade: applicants will be interviewed, evaluated, and tested. Evaluations are done by individual appointments.
- Third through tenth grade: applicants take the School Entrance Test. Also required are a transcript from the applicant's current school, a school visit, and an interview.

Admission procedures start in April for the following September. Admission will continue throughout the spring and summer months when there are spaces available. The school will make no admission decision until all required materials are on file and the testing procedure is complete.

RAS Grade Level System:
In order to enter the American Kindergarten a child should be 5 years old by December 1st. If a child is 6 years old on September 15th, she/he is in the American 1st Grade. To enter the following grades at Riada American School, a student has to be the correct age for entrance by September 15th of the school year.

 Age Level of Study US Grade UK Year
  3 - 5   Pre-school & KG1   N/A   Nursery School
  5 - 10   KG2 & Elem. / Primary School   Kindergarten - 5th   Years 1 - 6
  11 - 13   Middle School   6th - 8th   Years 7 - 9
  14 - 18   High School   9th - 12th (Freshman - Senior)   Years 10 - 13