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Riada American School’s Middle School Department is designed to meet the changing physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of its students. RAS’s Middle School fulfills the distinct needs of this age group by providing a seamless and supportive transition from Elementary School. By helping students build and reinforce skills, organize knowledge, learn to work well in groups, become increasingly independent, and explore a multitude of topics and activities, RAS’s Middle School prepares students for the next level of learning.

The academic offerings at RAS stress the importance of study skills as well as the content of the subject.  Middle School is a time for students to explore and experiment with new activities so they can discover new passions and talents.

The middle school years are so important for a student's academic career! This is a time when habits are formed that will remain with students through highs school and college. It is important to lay a solid foundation when it comes to time management and taking responsibility for the actions that lead to school success!