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We are passionate about education, and our top-notch high school academic program reflects that. Our students receive the support they need to succeed academically, and they have many options for courses that meet their needs.

We promote academic rigor, in-depth study, challenging coursework, and a range of study that compliments a variety of student interests. The curriculum is college preparatory and allows for the individual progression of students’ aptitudes and interests during their high school years at RAS.

The high school education program is structured so that every student will fulfill graduation and college entrance requirements. Our educational programs ensure that students are competitive candidates for top colleges and universities. Our classes are rigorous and challenging, and offer the academic background necessary for our students to become 21st Century global citizens.IMG 20161115 WA17

Students may opt to take AP classes, in preparation for College Board AP exams. Students are encouraged to think critically, grow intellectually and become responsible, young adult learners.

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Counseling Program

The counseling program at RAS is committed to treating each student as an individual. Like the classroom, the program is guided by professional standards.  A school counselor, along with the learning support team, staffs the RAS counseling department.

The purpose of the RAS counseling program is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities. It focuses on academic, career and personal/social development.  Counselors assist students in identifying individual growth areas and provide support and guidance along the way.  We see this as a collaborative effort- involving students, parents, teachers and other caring adults.   Our efforts are dedicated primarily to seeing that each child succeeds.

Counselors meet with students about grades, attendance issues, academic success and social matters throughout the academic year.  These conferences are used to help students come up with a plan of action. The Learning Support Team and continuously collaborate throughout the school year to discuss the needs and options for our students. These are all important opportunities for counselors to advocate for their students’ needs. 

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