Mission & Vision

We Believe...
• All students should have equitable access to library resources.
• Learning is an active process.
• Reading should be purposeful and enjoyable.
• The library is dynamic and ever-changing.
• The librarian optimizes the overall academic of all students.
• The librarian bridges the information gap.
• The librarian has an essential role in the instructional program.
• Reading skills are essential for success in all subject areas.
• Students should have choice in the selection of reading materials.
• Providing a variety of reading materials and resources will lead to student success.


RAS Library Mission :
The library is central in providing a stimulating learning environment that supports the school’s vision and aims to produce information, empower and enrich the school community to creat independent, lifelong learners. The library continuously strives to teach, guide, and foster the development of reading, literacy, appreciation, and comprehension for our students with an emphasis on research skills.

RAS Library Vision :
We strive to broaden the scope of achievement for our students by introducing library information skills, while expanding reading and comprehension levels through the process of seeking answers and/or solutions to everyday situations in or outside the school library.

The Purpose of the Library is to:
• Implement, enrich and support the learning and teaching program of the school by collaborating with teachers and developing students’ independent learning skills.
• Nurture, inspire, and stimulate reading as an activity for pleasure and gathering information.
• Manage an extensive and relevant collection of curriculum resources to support the learning, co-curricular, and recreational needs of the school community.
• Provide a welcoming, flexible learning environment for the school community in which students can learn individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.