RAS Bake Sale (Charity)


Baked With Love For a Cause !

 Our Annual Bake Sale is a mega project that is primarily organized and executed by our senior students. Students plan every detail in this event with enthusiasm and professionalism. They apply what they've learnt in their Business, Economics, and psychology classes . Students price, package, and market their products. They create a logo , a slogan, and flyers  for the event. Through the event they develop their entrepreneurial, financial, and marketing skills. Afterward s, senior students go on a field trip to the Cancer Hospital to donate the proceeds from the event. This shows them the importance of social responsibility and increases their morale.

Bake Sale income:

2019/2020 : 22,500 LE
 2018/2019: 29,500 LE
 2017/2018: 26,000 LE