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Roles and Responsibilities

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Secretary General

Ensuring that all Senior Secretariat are accountable for meeting deliverables before and during the conference.
Reporting activities and issues of the Senior Secretariat to Directors.
Creating or delivery welcome letters, program materials, and opening and closing ceremony speeches.
Communicating the Schedule of duties and events to the Secretariat.

Deputy of Secretary General

Works closely with the Secretary-General in overseeing the entire organization and execution of the conference.
Responsible for communicating important dates, deadlines, and meetings to the general Secretariat.

Under Secretary-General For Training & Debate Managing:

Responsible for staffing, training, and managing the chairs, directors, assistant directors, and Rapporteurs that make up the committee dais staff.
Previous experience is required.

Under Secretary-General For Communication:

The USG of External Relations serves as the point of contact for all delegates and faculty advisors who reach out to the conference with questions, concerns, and comments.
The USG of External Relations should have excellent communication and customer service skills.

Under Secretary-General For Logistics:

Responsible for executing the facilities and supplies aspects of the logistics plan.
Creating an extensive and detailed logistics plan for all staff before conference, as well as presenting said plan to the staff in a logical manner.
Becoming familiar with all facilities used for substantive portions of conference, including committee rooms, advisor and secretariat lounges, etc.
Looks at housing, transportation and registration process for delegates.

Under Secretary-General For Head of Treasurers:

Responsible for Managing all financial affairs