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Admin / 16 September 2020 / Branding

Model UN is a form of simulation-based education. Students are assigned different roles to interpret and role-play with other student participants. These roles can vary from pretending to represent a single country to a political figure. Model UN activates students’ imagination and creativity - activities that students are naturally inclined to do.

The Model United Nations at Riada American School allows students to participate in conferences around Egypt and to express their thoughts and debates on global issues within the context of their country delegations.

The annual Model United Nations conference hosted by RAS is open to all high school students, and it is almost 100% student -Led, and we have wholeheartedly worked hard enough to ensure that not only do you engage in high – yielding debates, but also wake bonds, and develop skills that will last a long time.

The RAS MUN main goal for every delegate is to leave with more experiences and skills than they arrived with, and with great memories.

Hope that RASMUN’21 conference will be a great MUN experience for all .

Good luck and enjoy RASMUN’21!

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