Psychologist's Tasks

What does the RAS school psychologist do?

Our school psychologist assists students at all levels, from elementary school to high school. The psychologist acts along with the heads of department, school counselor, and test-coordinator as advocate for students’ well-being, and  for their educational and personal advancement by listening to students’ concerns.

The school psychologist may help students in processing issues such as bullying, disabilities,  low self-esteem, poor academic performance, social anxiety, problems with authority and problems at home.Listen to concerns about academic, emotional or social problems.

The psychologist helps students process their problems and plan goals and action, promotes positive behaviors, meets with parents and teachers to discuss learning, behavioral, familial and social problems, counsels parents on topics like substance abuse and communication, evaluates and advises school disciplinary practices for troubled students, and participates in special education by administering psychological tests.